How can you increase your earnings as a camgirl?

For a lucky few, camming is an easy way to make money while enjoying an empowering own boss lifestyle, however, when getting into camming people often do not realise what makes a model financially successful. Often, they attribute the success, to one kind of style or method but the truth is less straight forward.

Below are some tips you can use to increase your earnings or if you are still thinking about getting into camming these points can help you better understand what will take you from someone making a little extra pocket money to potentially 5 figures.

Time on Line

The amount of time you spend on line, often equates to your success and earnings as the more often you are seen to be logged on, the more notice you’ll get. It’s a good idea to put your hours on your profile and keep them updated and above all, make sure you stick to them. If you prove to be reliable, you’ll get many more users wanting to spend their time and money with you.


Making sure your content is up to date is crucial as it ensures your fans understand your commitment to providing the best possible view of your profile. If the pics you last posted are from a few years ago, there’s every chance your look has changed, maybe you’re now a brunette, or sport a different style. Although many of your fans do want to see and hear your back-story, you should have a true representation of what you look like now. Pictures and Videos should be fresh and if possible uploaded daily, it shows you really do care.

Being Attentive

Being attentive to the guys and girls you Cam with is crucial and it’s important, to remember at all times, that they are potentially paying their hard-earned money to see you on Cam. If they see you glancing around the room, or typing on your phone while you are in a session with them, they are not going to enjoy the experience. You need to make sure that they feel special, even when you are in Group Cam Sessions. Make sure every person in the group is involved in your conversation wherever possible. In private, you should be concentrating 100% on the person you are camming with.

Never look bored when you are logged in and under no circumstances appear angry or aggressive. If you cannot control your feelings when you are on Cam, then you would be better to take some time out, rest and relax and come back to it the next day.

Caring about your Fans

Understanding and caring about your fans is another extremely important part of the job. Treat them like individuals and if possible, take notes about them. Then the next time they appear on Group or Private, you can surprise them with the fact you ‘remembered’ they liked seeing you in Red Lingerie or that their fave kind of music was Rock. You’d be surprised how a few notes can turn a brief encounter into a regular spender!

Don’t be rude (even if someone is rude to you on Chat), just ignore them and show everyone else that you can rise above it. If possible, you could request that the User is blocked but this should only be done if the circumstances are extreme.

Optimising your profile

The more information you provide to potential Users, the more likely it is that they’ll want to Cam with you. Providing information on your hobbies, likes and dislikes is a very useful tool to start of a cam session, especially if it’s in Group. Not all chat has to be about Sex and if you have enough to talk about and spark interest, you’ll be surprised at how long you can retain the chat without even mentioning Sex.

Be true to your Profile

There is nothing worse for a guy, who may have spent a considerable amount of time choosing who he wants to Cam with, only to find out that the girl hardly resembles what he has seen and read on the profile. Think carefully about the content of your profile and make sure you are truthful and honest about what you are trying to portray.

For example, if you say you do strip tease, make sure you really mean it, as there is nothing more off-putting than what could be deemed as false advertising. If you say you are happy to use Sex Toys in Private, then don’t be surprised if a guy expects you to do just that. By the same token, if you do not do nude camming, even in Private, do not insinuate that you do, in your profile.

Overall, being honest and true to your word will get you a long way in the Cam World. Dedication, Hard Work and Commitment will prove its worth in the long run. It will Improve your Earnings and provide you with many more dedicated fans and regulars.

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