How much do webcam girls make

What can you expect to get out of Camming?

Like many other jobs and careers, how much you make by chatting on line with men, is mostly related to the effort you put in. The more dedicated you are, the more likely you are to make more money. A strong commitment can mean the difference in your earning power, is in the thousands and in some cases 10’s of thousands, rather than a few hundred.

Part-Time webcam work

Most will start by doing just a few hours per week, or maybe even per day, as this can build confidence in the early stages. With a good profile it is possible to make some extra money every week, especially useful if you are saving up for something special, like a holiday or new pair of shoes. As long as you try and follow a pattern of logging on which you communicate to your potential fans via your profile page and social media, you’ll find that fairly soon they’ll be waiting to chat to you when you log on. If however you only log on sporadically, they will never know when you are going to be there and you’ll be left waiting, bored and with just a few pounds to show for it.

Ideally, you’ll have a schedule of logging on for at least a couple of hours every day and you’ll let visitors to the site know when that will be in your profile. Make sure you stick to it and before long you will find yourself with regulars and fans who come back to you time and time again. This is a good way of building up your earnings so that you can make a few hundred per week. Apply Now

Full-Time webcam work

If you really want to earn big money on cam by simply chatting to men on line, you need to consider doing it as a full-time job. There may be a cross over period, whereby you are working at a part or full-time job and then also camming at the weekends or in the evenings. If you remain focused and remember you are working for yourself and towards that goal of top earnings, it will come sooner than you think. You will have to work really hard to take that big step to full-time Camming but many girls make a huge success of it. And best of all, Babestation offers some of the best webcam jobs in the industry.

To earn big money on Cam you need discipline and be very skilful with your time management. There is always a certain amount of your day where you are not actually ‘working’ on Cam. For example, you will need to get ready, do your hair, make-up and decide what to wear and there is the time you will need out of the ‘office’ for grooming (such as visits to the hairdresser, nail salon etc). All of this is time you won’t necessarily be in front of your Cam making money but the clever girls incorporate their whole life into their Cam persona. They try to ensure they are in fact making money every minute of the day.

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How much can you expect to earn working on cam?

There are a number of ways to earn money from camming and if you take advantage of all the options available, you can have several revenue streams coming together to make a decent income. You are normally paid a percentage of the amount users/fans spend on the site. The amount can vary depending upon the service or product you are using.

Over 20% of our girls earned 4 figure sums last month (just on our Cam Site, remember you are free to work on others at the same time) while logging on for an average of 65 hours during the month. That’s a minimum of £1000 for approximately 16 hours spent on Cam per week, for 1 month!

You can expect to receive between 30% and 60% for the services you operate such as:

As we broadcast across a number of different sites, your income can become multi-tiered (meaning you get more than one stream of revenue at the same time). We can help you make the absolute best out of your time on Cam and to ensure your profile is tip top. Our dedicated team will do everything to help and support you

Any costs for the service are normally deducted first so that you know exactly what you are earning and it provides clarity with future earnings. This is especially important when you are trying to manage your income and attain targets.

So, all you really need to be able to make a success of camming, is the ability to chat to guys online, make them feel special and dedicate whatever time you can to being the best at what you do. It’s not easy being a TOP Cam Girl but nothing in life is easy but you can make sure it’s rewarding.

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