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Babestation Studios and Locations

Ever since the early days Babestation Studios has had it's home in the centre of London. Over time, the business has been growing exponentially to not only be the leading name in adult interactive television but also the fastest growing webcam site in the country. With this growth, it is vital that we provide our babes with top of the range cam studios so that they can be used to maximise their potential earnings in an environment tailor made to suit everyone's needs.

Now the main television studios have moved to Milton Keynes along with a vast expansion of new webcam and photography studios all in the same location. We still maintain a presence in London with state of the art, purpose built webcam studios and we have branched out even further with our latest, Manchester based webcam studio, bringing opportunities to cam girls in and around the South East. And it doesn't stop there as we also have our sights set on further locations up and down the country.

So what do you get as a webcam performer, looking to gain experience outside of your home? By doing your shows in a studio environment you get access to a wealth of advantages that you can't get by going it alone.


Let us know when you would like to do a show at one of our studios and we can make sure you are given promotion across all our social media sites. If you have an idea for a specific theme or type of show, eg, Shower show, Role Play, Domination or anything else you can think of. We can also include that in our marketing strategy to give your shows extra hype among a wide spread potential audience of followers.


Get your show viewed by an audience of hundreds of thousands. With the Babestation brand behind you, your stream can appear on all of our cam sites as well as feature alongside some of the biggest names in the adult industry.

TV Exposure

It's not just the internet where guys can see you perform. By streaming your cam show from one of our studios you can also have the option to be broadcast live on one of our TV channels. Get your face out there, make a connection with audience members who wouldn't normally see you and make the most of the opportunity to convert a spender from a different platform to become one of your newest regulars.

Production Help

You won't be alone when doing your cam show from one of our studios. They are staffed 24/7 with knowledgeable producers ready to share some tricks of the trade to help you maximise your earning potential. Provide ideas for your shows if you're struggling for inspiration. Or simply offer a helping hand if you require a specific lighting set up or style of camera work.


There are many different studio quality lights you can buy in order to make any room in your house look like a legit setting for some naughty webcam fun but all this equipment can be expensive and take up space in your home. By moving your show into one of our studios, you'll get all this sort of equipment provided for you. Set up by professionals who know the best way to light a space to make you look as amazing as possible.

Made For Purpose Sets

Each set we have in each of our studio locations is designed to make you look as great as possible. While providing you enough space and privacy to put on the best show you can. Not only that but you can get as messy as you like with oil, cream, body lotion or anything you can think of for a messy show and you won't have to worry about cleaning up after yourself as our team of cleaners will take care of that for you.

Technical Support

If something should go wrong during one of your shows one of our technical support professionals will be on hand to fix the problem as quickly as possible so you don't miss out on time where you could be earning money.

Networking Opportunities

Getting out to one of our studio locations is a great way to meet like minded people and network with fellow webcam models and performers. Meet some new friends and even increase your earning potential by teaming up with someone for a joint show. We will happily create joint accounts for any duos or groups who want to perform together.

For all these reasons and many more besides, you'll find out why so many webcam performers are turning to us to help them make the most out of their cam shows. Get in touch to find out when you can start at a Babestation Studio near you.

We look forward to seeing you!

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