How to Become the Next Big Cam Star

Hard Work, Perseverance and Dedication are KEY to making a career as a Cam Model successful. Just because you have the looks, the brains or indeed both brings no guarantees that you will be the next big star.

How Hard can sitting in front of your PC really be?

As with many other jobs you need to put in a lot of hard work and you’ll find out almost immediately exactly how hard camming really is once you start. It can be draining and extremely tiring and there will be some days when you just can’t bear the thought of spending 8 – 10 hours looking your best and being the best.

Putting on your make-up, making your hair look nice and dressing up can seem like the dream job, especially as for those working from home, you don’t even have to leave the house but you’ll soon find the initial sparkle dimming.

Even the discipline of getting ready every day and then placing yourself in front of the camera can be tough for some. You may find yourself preferring to do the house-work, or even doing the filing as opposed to working. The fact that you are your own boss means only you, can tell you what to do and when.

Overnight Success Stories Does Happen, Right?

So, you’ve spent ages working on your profile, you’ve taken lots of pics, perhaps even had a make-over and now you’re ready to start. The problem is, you are the only person that knows that and until you actually get yourself logged on and show yourself to the world, no one else is going to see you.

There are a few models who manage to log on and within hours have lots of dedicated followers and a few hundred pounds in their pocket but they are very rare. Even when this does happen, it’s usually short lived and you’ll find yourself really having to work hard.

In a way, camming is comparable to modelling, in that just because you’ve been noticed standing at the bus stop by the next big agency, it doesn’t mean you’ll be front cover the day after.

Dedication and Perseverance

As with most things, the more you put in, the more you get out in return and camming is no exception. Just because you’ve got the looks and think you can be a model, doesn’t mean that you will be a success. There are many more cam models whose success is based upon their amazing personality, than there are with great looks, or a sexy body.

Being dedicated to your job is one way of ensuring that you portray a positive attitude to others and positivity always repays many times over.

Perseverance is something you have to learn and for many will be the biggest lesson of all while camming. If you made hundreds yesterday, it’s hard to work out why today you have virtually nothing. It can be very disheartening and successful models are the ones who pick themselves up and start again every single day.

Working on improvements can make a world of difference. That doesn’t mean physical changes to your body or features, it means improvements to your mind and soul. It means researching new methods of taking your photos perhaps, or learning new skills which you can refer to when you are camming. Don’t ever think you are not physically perfect as your negativity will show through and make you seem less sincere.

Which Cam Site is Right for You?

There are many different sites to choose from and just because things don’t work out for you on 1 site doesn’t mean, that you’ll never be a successful cam model. Get to know the site by checking out the forums and see what other models are saying. Speak to the people that run the site and see what kind of relationship you think you can have with them. Getting along with the people you work with can be a crucial part of being a success.

Above all, be honest, positive and hard-working and you’ll normally get results every single time

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