Camming and Keeping Safe

As someone thinking of becoming a camgirl you may be concerned with the safety element, generally speaking camgirl safety falls into 2 areas:

  1. Making sure you don’t have any run ins with strange people online who make you uncomfortable or worst
  2. The question of “what if someone I know finds out”.

In current times it’s never been more important to stay safe while camming. The more virtual our world becomes, the more likely it is that people will try and take advantage of individuals insecurities and strains. It’s a sad truth that there are those who use these times to feed on weaknesses and then exploit them for personal gain.

Following a few simple rules will help keep you safe now and in whatever future the world has in store for us all!

Personal Privacy

Keeping your personal details private is crucial and while it may not seem important most of the time, when those details are no longer private, you’ll see what a negative impact it can have on your life.

It’s easy to be tricked into believing our new ‘virtual friend’ really means well and has our best interests at heart and while this may be the case on occasion, far too often, it is not. You may feel lonely and then that new friend shows you the attention you’ve been craving and makes you feel positive about yourself.

Then before you realise what’s happening, you’re divulging things about yourself (on-line) that you haven’t told anyone else, not even your bestie.

Strangely it’s easier for people to forget (or note) the things you tell them in person but in the on-line world, once it’s been written, it’s there for good.

Social Media Accounts

Unfortunately, not everyone agrees that camming is a professional career, with some even going as far as suggesting it should be banned. This means there is always going to be negativity from some sectors of society and in todays world, social media is where they tend to vent the most.

Keeping your personal life separate from your work one is especially important if you use social media. Unless you are one of the very few who find themselves becoming a celebrity, mixing your personal life with work will cause you nothing but problems. Creating an account which you only use for your cam profile is crucial and the first lesson in in successful camming.

You need to promote your profile and mixing that up with your personal life can be very dangerous indeed. Be aware of privacy settings on your social media, particularly your personal one, as while you may want to spread the love with your Cam profile, the same cannot be said of your personal one.

Keeping Your PC Safe

Whether you use a desktop, tablet or your phone, you should ensure that you have adequate virus protection on them all. Never share passwords and certainly never divulge any personal info on social media. You may think you are simply private messaging someone but can you ensure their account and equipment is safe too?

Independently verifying information is a good starting point and it’s just a case of working backwards. Go the website first, NEVER click on the link you receive in an email or message unless you are absolutely sure it’s from a reliable source.

NEVER open anything that anyone sends you, even if it’s a friend, unless you’ve checked with them first that they sent it.

If someone requests personal information from you by phone, never give it until you have checked the number they are calling from and always call them back on a verified number.

Personal Safety

You may think that gifts from your fans are a genuine form of affection but you should never accept them if it means divulging personal details such as bank details or your address. Most Cam sites have a means of accepting gifts on your behalf which they can pass on to you, whether it be via Tips or a business address for physical items.

Wish Lists are a good way to obtain things without giving away your personal info and if you work independently there are some ways of receiving money anonymously such as via paypal but it can still be very risky.

Always think twice before engaging in any kind of relationship with your fans and preferably only do it when you have a company or platform behind you that ensures your personal info remains safe and private.

Think SAFE and think PRIVACY always.

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