Blondes and Big Tits Not Allowed

It’s a strange concept to understand and get your head around but in real life men don’t really prefer blondes. You only have to scan the first page of any of the popular Cam sites out there to discover that the reality is actually further away than you imagine. Too many girls are put off the idea of camming without properly researching what men really want to see on cam. As you will see as you read on the top webcam performers are not all identical and cut from a mould so anyone put off applying for webcam jobs because of stereotypes need not be. The term webcam jobs in itself is a little misleading, lots of girls who do now know the industry think that you need to apply and be accepted as a camgirl, however, in reality you really just use the available platforms to promote yourself and connect with an audience, you are basically self employed.

One of the most popular Cam girls ever is a red head, another has a bust size of 28A, whilst another wears glasses while on cam, even though she has near perfect eye sight. More and more the top girls on Cam are not conforming to the stereotypical blonde with big fake tits look. The important thing to remember is that most of the big cam sites out there rely on providing what their spenders really want, rather than following something which nowadays seems simply traditional.

I spoke to 3 of the most popular cam girls in the business to find out what they thought about the attitudes surrounding Camming and understanding what it is that men really want.

Red Head – Red Minge?

JuliaR is a petite red head based in Surrey (although when I spoke to her she was living the dream at a villa in Tuscany). She spends between 30 and 50 hours per week on Cam, most of which is spent entertaining her regulars.

She said, “I really didn’t think I had what it takes to do this job. I used to be teased at school for my red hair and freckles and never thought of myself as attractive, let alone sexy. A friend of mine was camming and although not a red head she certainly wasn’t babe material but 1 day she showed me what she was earning on cam and I couldn’t believe it!

I signed up almost immediately and she gave me some tips on how to set myself up and the make the most out of camming.

One of the things I get asked most often is whether my pubes are the same colour as my hair and the answer is there for all to see, as long as you pay to take me private of course.”

The Bigger the Better

There’s nothing fake about Vanessa, she’s a size 18 curvy brunette, with 38GG breasts and proud of every inch. I caught up with her just before she started work on some more selfies for her profile on the Cam site she works on.

“Keeping my profile up to date is really important for my fans, it’s probably the most important aspect of this job. All the successful models that I know spend at least 30 to 60 mins every single day updating their profiles with new pics and messages to their fans. It shows you really care about them and at the end of the day, they’re the ones paying your wages.

I’ve always had a PMA about my size and do spend some of my time mentoring girls who find it difficult being Plus Sized. As long as you eat healthy and exercise, there is nothing wrong with being my size and considering the number if fans I have, I think they agree”, she concluded.

28AA Boobs are really a thing

Beth has been working on Cam for over 5 years now and has built up a huge following and fan base. She’s tall, slim and wears glasses, hardly ever wears make-up and doesn’t really like lingerie.

“TBH, I’ve always been a bit of a techy nerd, using anything possible to keep in touch with my friends. When video cams first hit the seen, I actually moved house to get better internet so my cam would work properly. It never occurred to me that I could actually make a living out of my love of connecting to people on cam until I was in my early 20’s, having just left university. A couple of my friends were camming part-time and when one of them suggested that I try it, I thought she was joking. She convinced me to join after showing me profiles of loads of pretty, ordinary looking girls.

I did a bit of research and realised that personality counts for an awful lot in this business and many guys prefer that over looks. Especially as many of the big spenders are looking for a meaningful relationship with their virtual girlfriend, rather than just a quick wank with a fake doll”.

Whatever your shape, size or style …..

…. it’s worth taking a look at becoming a cam model if you think you’ve got the kind of personality it takes to make it work. There’s big money to be made! Yes it’s hard work, yes you need to be committed but most of all, what you really need in bundles is personality!

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